Audi Paddle Shifter Fitment Guide 2020

V1 Steering Wheels:

Audi Paddle Shifter Guide

V2 Steering Wheels:

V2 Audi Steering Wheels

V3, V4 and V5 Paddle Shifter Shapes:

New Audi V6 Paddle Shifter Shape:Audi V6 Paddles

The V6 paddle looks very similar to V4 but it has the smooth back and comes in chrome or black. 

Shop Now:

Still unsure which paddle shifters will fit your car? Send a photo of the back of your paddles to or @dsgpaddles on Instagram, and we'll confirm fitment within 12 hours.

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  • Paul Battista on

    I have a 2018 Audi S3 and I would like to get the carbon fibre paddle shifters. Are the V3 the ones that are compatible?

  • Zinedine on

    Hello I have audi A1 2019 I would like to buy a paddle , what is compatible

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