Customer Testimonial of MK7 R / GTI Aluminum Metal DSG Paddles - DSG Paddles

"They are super easy to put on. I just put a little wiping alcohol on my paddles beforehand to clean them, and just slapped them right on. 

First thing I noticed - makes the DSG gearbox so much better to use. The paddles from the factory are a little small in my opinion but these extensions allow manual shifting with the DSG much more enjoyable during spirited driving (easier to shift mid corners) or just cruising (I can reach the bottom of the extensions with my pointer finger if my hands are at the bottom of the wheel).

There are also cut-out holes at the top and the bottom of the paddles that makes it easier for your fingers to grip while shifting. In addition I've found that these paddles DO NOT interfere with the turn signal or wiper stalk. As seen in my photos, there is still ample space in between the paddles and the stalks. In conclusion, I've found these paddles to be a useful and VERY easy mod that has made my time with the DSG and my Mk7 GTI that much better. And in my opinion at least, they look pretty awesome too."

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