Paddle Shifter Extension Installation

Paddle shifters with double-sided adhesive:

  1. Align your new paddles over your stock paddles to confirm fitment first,
  2. If they fit, clean the surface of your OEM paddles and let dry,
  3. Ensure tape and OEM paddle is at least 65°F (18°C). Cold weather may result in poor adhesiveness - heat with hair dryer if necessary,
  4. Peel back the double-sided adhesive off your new paddles (use tweezers or stanley knife to make life easier), 
  5. Align over OEM paddles and squeeze firmly for 30 seconds,
  6. Repeat for other side. 

Here's a PDF guide showing how to install your paddle shifters: [DSG Paddles Installation]


  1. Heat the paddle shifter with a hair dryer to weaken the bond. Some OEM paddle shifters are a 2 piece design so be careful to not separate these when removing the extension. 
  2. Carefully wedge and pry the paddle with a credit/licence/bank card to separate the OEM paddle from the extension. Dental floss or fishing line will also work!
  3. Remove any adhesive residue with alcohol wipes or spray. 

Paddle shifters with grub screws:

  1. Ensure all screws are sitting in the new paddle but not fully engaged
  2. Align the new paddle over your OEM paddle and tighten each of the screws. The screws only need to be tightened enough to grasp the paddle, not to dig into it. 
  3. Repeat for other side.

Full replacement paddle shifters:

Tools required: Long nose pliers.

Time required: 3 minutes.

Step 1: Turn your steering wheel upside down and locate the pin underneath your OEM paddle shifter.

Paddle Shifter

Step 2: Gently pull out and remove the paddle shifter pin using a pair of long nose pliers.

Paddle Shifter

Step 3: Gently wriggle off the OEM paddle and replace with your new aluminum paddle then reinstall the pivot pin and push it all the way in. 

Paddle Shifter

Step 4: Repeat for the other side. Done!

Paddle Shifters MK7

Steering Wheel Cover Installation:

Here's a quick video showing how to install a steering wheel cover on a VW MK7 R. The same installation steps apply to all makes and models. 

Installation is fairly straightforward and takes about one hour. This is not a universal fitting cover - it is precision cut specifically for your wheel shape and is stitched over your current wheel. 

We offer fully customized Alcantara, suede, leather steering wheel covers with any color stitching and 12 o'clock markers. 

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