Customer Review Pt. 2 - DSG Paddles

"After having installed these Paddle Extensions for approximately three weeks, I have found them to be a excellently executed product. The paddles themselves are sturdy and thick pieces of aluminum. The paddles fell great in hand / fingers when shifting. The install is simple and it appears the 3m tape is higher quality than most tape products supplied with interior pieces. I am expecting it remain attached for several years, even with the excessive heat in Florida.

Advantages: Solid build quality
Great texture for simple one finger shifts
The perfect size for the paddle to be ergonomic but not obstructive of the turn signals and windshield washer stocks.

Disadvantages: My only concern is the paddles have 3m tape in the middle area of where if covers the stock dsg paddles. (shown in the items picture) I'm wondering if they would hold up better if the entire area was covered by the 3m but so far so good."

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