Full Replacement Paddle Shifters for MK7 R / GTI (SE7EN)
Full Replacement Paddle Shifters for MK7 R / GTI (SE7EN)
Full Replacement Paddle Shifters for MK7 R / GTI (SE7EN)
Full Replacement Paddle Shifters for MK7 R / GTI (SE7EN)
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Full Replacement Paddle Shifters for MK7 R / GTI (SE7EN)

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These full replacement DSG paddle shifters allow for an improved ability to grab the gears no matter where your hands are on your Volkswagen's steering wheel. 

Inspired by the design of shift paddles from the most desirable exotic supercars, these bolt-on paddle shifters not only make you grin every time you shift gears but also every time you look at your steering wheel.
  • CNC-machined billet aluminium construction
  • Engraved + and - symbols
  • No branding for OEM look
  • Available in durable anodized black or silver that perfectly match your VW interior
  • Fits MK7.5 Golf R / GTI / GTD / GTE / GLI
  • Fits MK7 Golf R / GTI / GTD / GTE / GLI
  • Fits facelift Scirocco R (2014+)
  • Fits facelift Polo GTI (2014+)
  • Fits R-line packages (2013+)

If your Volkswagen is not listed above, please check our other Volkswagen paddles which may fit your car.


  • Left and right side paddle shifters

Installation: Full Replacement Paddle Shifter Installation

Unsure whether these will fit your car? Send a photo of the back of your paddles to support@dsg-paddles.com or @dsgpaddles on Instagram, and we'll confirm fitment within 12 hours.

Paddle Shifter Extension Installation

Paddle shifters with double-sided adhesive:

  1. Align your new paddles over your stock paddles to confirm fitment first,
  2. If they fit, clean the surface of your OEM paddles and let dry,
  3. Peel back the double-sided adhesive off your new paddles,
  4. Align and hold down firmly for 30 seconds,
  5. Repeat for other side. 

Here's a guide showing how to install your paddle shifters: [DSG Paddles Installation]

Paddle shifters with grub screws:

  1. Ensure all screws are sitting in the new paddle but not fully engaged
  2. Align the new paddle over your OEM paddle and tighten each of the screws. The screws only need to be tightened enough to grasp the paddle, not to dig into it. 
  3. Repeat for other side.

Full replacement paddle shifters:

  1. Turn your steering wheel until it is upside down.
  2. Locate the pivot pin from the bottom of your OEM paddle shifter.
  3. Gently pull out and remove the OEM paddle shifter pivot pin using a pair of pliers.
  4. Gently wriggle off the OEM paddle and replace with your new aluminum paddle. 
  5. Reinstall the pivot pin by inserting from the top and pushing down. 

Pivot Pin Paddle Shifter Replacement

Pivot Pin Paddle Shifter Replacement

Pivot Pin Paddle Shifter Replacement

Steering Wheel Cover Installation:

Here's a quick video showing how to install a steering wheel cover on a VW MK7 GTI. The same installation steps apply to all makes and models. 

We offer fully customized Alcantara, suede, leather steering wheel covers with any color stitching and 12 o'clock markers. 

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Customer Reviews

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Très bon produit

Superbes finitions pour un produit de très haute qualité.
J’ai installé ces deux PAD sur ma Polo GTi ( 2019 ) sans difficultés particulières.
N’oubliez pas de vous munir d’une pince assez longue pour retiré la charnière d’origine et placer les nouveau PAD à leur place , car sans cela vous n’y arriverez pas.


If you regularly drive with paddles these are a must over the useless stock ones and crappy stick-on ones. They feel super tough, refined and when ordered in black, look like they could be OEM. Installation was super easy and took less than 5 mins. Only tool needed was a pair of small pointy nose pliers. Would highly recommend.